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Its Good to be Home!

A big thank you to DC Trojan for minding the store while I was away.

I have to say that Germany is one tremendous country. I have been lucky to see a lot of Europe when I was in the service but I never saw Germany until this week. No European country has gone through more in the previous century and come out so strong than Germany.

The Brandenburg Gate...Truly Magnificent

They are a true economic machine, and they have continued to thrive even after reunification and turned Berlin into city very much like New York. The people are friendly and gregarious and their thirst for life is intoxicating.

Our German host's went way above the call of duty in making our stay enjoyable, informative and relaxed, as best it could be. I have made a new friend on this trip and I look forward to sharing that same hospitality when he comes over here for a visit.

A hearty thank you to them for a wonderful trip.