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Drew McAllister makes early commitment to USC

Drew McAllister made an early (oral) commitment to USC for the 08 season. ESPN ($) was reporting that he had committed as a quarterback - the position he plays at Monte Vista HS in Danville - but he is looking to play at safety.

According to the Tri-Valley Herald, McAllister plans to play as QB this year, but is hoping to mix in some time on the defensive side on the ball - last season he played cornerback occasionally.

The person twist for this one is that McAllister's family is pretty solidly Cal people:

With two parents who attended Cal, Monte Vista High football player Drew McAllister grew up a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Golden Bears football.

But, when faced with the choice of where to continue his football career, not even a childhood full of Saturdays spent cheering in Strawberry Canyon could sway him from the allure of the bright lights of Los Angeles.

McAllister said Monday that he has orally committed to play at USC. He said that he chose the Trojans from a final list that came down to USC and Cal, and said that he informed USC coach Pete Carroll of his decision on Sunday night.

"Both my parents went to Cal, and my dad played at Cal," McAllister said. "I have a lot of family in Los Angeles. Both my aunts, both my grandparents, both my godparents live there, so it's an area I'm familiar with. I like the school, I like the coaches and the way they coach, and their enthusiasm."

As Paragon is apt to say, it's only real when someone puts pen to paper, but I do like the idea of someone with speed and offensive smarts playing in the secondary. As our good friends in the SEC know, speed kills on defense, so here's hoping.

Welcome, Drew McAllister, and Fight On!