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Tuesday News and Notes

More form the mouth of MeSean

Gotta hand it to Jackson and his motor mouth. From Wolf's blog.

"That's the biggest I thing I want to do is knock them off. It's just going to be in my mind to beat them.''
-- Cal wide receiver DeSean Jackson on USC.

This guy clearly has a hard-on for us. I have seen it mentioned elsewhere that he is probably still pissed that he didn't come to SC and that he blames the coaches for not keeping his commit quiet. Whatever, get over it MeSean, all that hate is going to burn you up.

Armond Armstead Commits to SC

Last night four -star defensive lineman Armond Armstead of Elk Grove (CA.) Pleasant Grove HS committed to USC.


Armstead, who became the twelfth commitment for the 2008 class Monday evening, announced his commitment to the Trojans in front of family, friends and various members of the media.

"I committed to USC," said Armstead. "It was the coaching staff, their (USC) style of play, and the school itself that put them over the top. The location was definitely a plus for me, and my parents can come and see my games. Even if USC was far away, they are on national television every week, so they could still see me play."

The Trojans have been at the top of Armstead's list for some time now, but according to Armstead, that wasn't always the case.

"USC was my favorite school growing up," he explained. "But when I got into high school, I really started pulling for Cal. When the whole recruiting process started, Cal was definitely at the top of my list. Then one day, coach Rocky Seto from USC dropped off a camp invitation at my school and we went from there. I didn`t give Cal much of a look toward the end of the process, its been USC for a while now."

That's a big Pick-up as we will need some help on the D line next season. Welcome Armond!

Stanford's Views of USC

By now we have all heard the crazy stuff that has come out of Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh's mouth But Stanford's site The Bootleg has their take on USC for 2007 and it's a fair assessment.

When talk turns in Stanford circles to this year's USC game, the off-season verbal jousting between Jim Harbaugh vs. Pete Carroll takes center stage. What should instead be discussed is the team the Trojans will put on the field this fall - the consensus best in the nation. We take a closer look at the awesome strengths on both sides of the ball, plus where there may be chinks in the Trojan armor.

... Schedule is my one concern; the other is intensity. The majority of these guys have already proven themselves and are looking at millions of dollars in a matter of years, if not months. Where is the incentive to give 100 percent every practice? USC seemed to toy with teams last year too - in consecutive weeks beating Washington State, Washington and Arizona State by less than they should have, until it finally caught up to them in their next game against Oregon State. They should have enough intensity against Stanford, though, after Jim Harbaugh's speculation on Pete Carroll's coaching tenure.

I guess this guy really doesn't know SC all that well. It is easy to point to the games against Oregon State and ucla where it was obvious that we didn't give it our best effort but make no mistake. This is not last season where there were a lot of questions after losing the big three, but I think this season will be different. The defense is obviously THE unit to watch. Yes, the offense still has some questions with some new receivers and SC still has some issues at the running back spot without having a real breakout player. We will get that sorted out no doubt. I disagree on the intensity line of thinking though as SC takes all their games seriously and they have gone on the road in the past and come out on top. Champions are made by not looking ahead, SC learned a hard lesson last year and I don't think they will repeat that mistake.

Is Simers Nuts?

I have been lucky to see some games outside of the Pac 10 over the years and I am always amazed at their spirit and knowledge about their respective teams. So why is it that he wants to make fun of Nebraska fans?

I'll be going to Nebraska early in the football week, and while I'm not sure what corn cob hospitality is like, I'd like to remind folks that when they came to L.A., I tried to help.

Remember when the Cornhuskers came to the big city to lose in the Rose Bowl? Everyone here knows there are no individual seats -- just long benches for the skinny people who live here.

I was looking out for the corn-fed porkers, of course, including all their big-butted women, when I told them that if everyone sat down after the anthem, there were going to be people falling atop each other at the end of each row.

A number of corn cobs e-mailed to say they were unhappy with Page 2 but thrilled now to have their very own Internet machines.

They also wanted to tell me about their wonderful lives, kids and the modern facilities being built right down there by the creek. Well, there's nothing like a Wal-Mart coming to town to excite the locals, so I was thrilled for them. But for some reason that didn't come across in our correspondence, and there might still be some hard feelings.

I am not a fan of Simers and his gratuitous rantings. Nebraska has proud history when it comes to college football. Their fans are great and knowledgeable, but to make fun of a fan bases style of living and values is just plain wrong . Simers doesn't speak for me and many other SC fans as we respect our opponents and their fan base. This type of talk only makes us look foolish. I hope they kill him with kindness upon his visit.

Is there a Cover-up?

There is an interesting article in the OC Register about the continuing bizarre case surrounding ucla Coach Eric Scott. I make note of it only because there looks to be a clear contradiction in how the background check on Scott was done and it raises a lot of eyebrows.

UCLA officials said Monday that the background check on receivers coach Eric Scott was conducted by the university and not an outside agency, as previously stated.

But, again, Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Coach Karl Dorrell were unaware that Scott had been arrested four times between 1996 and 2005.

The Bruins coach, who was arrested for a fifth time last week on a charge of residential burglary, previously had pleaded guilty or was convicted of misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon in 2005 and misdemeanor disturbing the peace in 2002.

Talk about asleep at the switch. It is bizarre to me that there could be a background check and the two people directly involved with Scott's hiring never found out about his priors. There is no way that this ends good and that spotless record bruins fans like to trot out has been shattered. The longer ucla doesn't act the worse it will look for them. This really rocks them to the core as this is a coach in a position of authority not some player behaving badly. What is the old saying? It wasn't the crime they got nailed for but the cover-up. Man, this is just nuts!