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Too Much Freakin' Hype

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Here we go again...

You have to wonder just what some of the coaches in the Pac 10 are thinking. All the sloppy wet kisses that were thrown USC's way at yesterday's media day are just mind-boggling. I realize that some of the opposing players aren't going to by into it (more on them later), that's to be expected, but the coaches? Why not just forfeit now and save us all the wear and tear. Heck if we're so great just hand us the trophy now and be done with it.

I am not interested in seeing a repeat of 2005. You could argue that the offensive side of the could be in the top 2 or 3 of all time but that defense was put together with spit and toilet paper. This year the defense will the unit to watch with some marquis players but the offense has some questions I don't care how many running backs we have.

I know I quoted some of this stuff earlier but when taken as a whole its just crazy, you have to read some of this stuff...

From Dennis Erickson:

Then there was first-year Arizona State Coach Dennis Erickson, who said, "You want my evaluation of USC? They should be in the league I was really successful in, the National Football League.

From Jim Harbaugh (a bit tongue in cheek)

"There's no question in my mind that USC is the best football team in the country," he said, "and maybe the best team in the history of college football."

Now from the players perspective.

From ucla's Bruce Davis, from Pat Forde's Article on

With perspective thrown completely out the window, it was time to visit the lunch table occupied by UCLA coach Karl Dorrell and Bruins defensive end Bruce Davis. When told of Harbaugh's greatest team ever comments, Davis literally dropped his fork, sending it clanging against his salad plate.

Dorrell, as is his buttoned-down custom, wouldn't go there. Fork back in hand, Davis tried not to go there, either, but he couldn't help it when the subject was raised again a few minutes later. The UCLA players have spent their careers hearing how great their crosstown rival is, and even upsetting the Trojans last season obviously hasn't quelled the hype.

"Let me think about how I want to answer this," he said, rubbing his brow before plunging in. "If they would've won every game they played for as long as Pete Carroll had been there, maybe they could humor that. Maybe.

"I think that's part of the arrogance that comes with USC. They've earned that, but are they the best college football team ever? No. What about the great Oklahoma teams, the Miamis, the Florida States? ... They have no right to do that, and I think that's disrespectful to the history of college football.

"If people want to say they're the greatest, yeah, that's fine. But what does that make us, if we beat the best college football team ever?"

Well Bruce I would about LUCKY! We've gone down this road before. The fact is the bruins caught SC looking past them and SC paid the price for it. I have said it before and I will say it again...ucla's win defined their season. That was all they had to hang their hat on s they squandered the momentum they had going by losing to Half Assed U in some 3rd tier bowl game. Put another way, the highlight of your season is to say that you kept SC out of the MNC game. Great job guys, that's all you get.

And then there is this from Cal's MeSean, I mean DeSean Jackson from Jeff Miller's piece the OC Register:

His name is DeSean Jackson, and he plays receiver for Cal. Plays it very well, generally.

"I don't know about all the talk," he said of Trojans 24/7. "I mean, they lost all their receivers. They're a great team, a great program. But separating them from the rest of the conference? That's uncalled for."

OK, now we're getting somewhere.

"They lost last season to Oregon State and UCLA, teams we beat," Jackson continued. "That shows us right there they can be beaten. And this year, they gotta come to Cal. I ain't gonna support all this talk too much."

You're right MeSean we did lose to those teams and you did beat those teams but I seem to remember that WE beat you at the Coliseum or should I refresh your memory?

Remember this?!

I'm Glad you were able to get up though!

At least there was some common sense on Thursday.

From Jill Painters piece in the DN:

All this talk about how great USC is - and by one man's opinion, the best of all time - can get a little embarrassing.

"Sometimes it does," Booty said. "We don't feel we're worthy of (Harbaugh's statement). That's the kind of take we have, which is good. That's how it should be."

In essence, Booty doesn't want the Trojans to succumb to the hype either, but that was a tough task Thursday. Good thing freshmen weren't at the Sheraton Gateway near LAX. They would've flown back to campus without a plane.

So I hope its not 2005 all over again and that we can worry about the play on the field and not the crap from ESPN and the like.