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Media Day Pre-Season Rankings

From the Pac 10 website:

1. USC (39) 390
2. California 323
3. UCLA 305
4. Arizona State 242
5. Oregon State 237
6. Oregon 226
7. Arizona 162
8. Washington State 115
9. Washington 98
10. Stanford 47

No real surprise here with USC being unanimously voted #1 in the Pac 10. This is just a formality to me but some of the story lines from today are intriguing.

From the LA Times:

From Jim Harbaugh:

Jim Harbaugh, the rookie coach at Stanford who attracted national attention earlier this year by saying he had "heard" that Carroll would be around only one more year, offered the most blunt -- and some might say over-the-top -- assessment.

"They may be the best team in the history of college football," he said.

From Dennis Erikson:

Then there was first-year Arizona State Coach Dennis Erickson, who said, "You want my evaluation of USC? They should be in the league I was really successful in, the National Football League."

From Karl Dorrell (on Eric Scott):

"I'm the type of guy and coach where the players and coaches are accountable at UCLA, and they are held to the same standard."

UCLA DE Bruce Davis also had some remarks that I found interesting.

"We're now comfortable with our coaching staff, and we have 25 seniors," he said. "We know what it takes to win games. We've matured. There's nothing in college football we haven't seen."

Hmmm, I'm not sure about that. Scott is definitely gone and Dorrell is not far behind so that is going to be a big distraction as you can see the vote of no confidence starting to rear its ugly head. And Davis' comments, at least to me, the struggles of the players to fully embrace Dorrell. He's a senior under a coach going into his fifth year and he is just now getting comfortable within the system? Mind boggling.

So the game is on as media day essentially is the start of the football season. Should be fun to watch!