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Eric Scott: The Plot Thickens

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It seems that ucla receivers coach Eric Scott who was arrested yesterday on burglary charges has a bit of a rap sheet already with 4 prior arrests.

Per Dohn's blog earlier this evening.

Priors for Scott

I'm not sure if the current allegations against Eric Scott are going to stick, but I'm told complicating the manner is Scott has prior arrests on his record, and I'm hearing UCLA may not have known about them.

In total, Scott was arrested four times between 1994 and 2005, and twice those arrests led to convictions and/or guilty pleas.

So much for that ucla bred character, pillar of the community type of stuff. That the bruins didn't know is even more off the wall, and all it does is make the Morgan Center look bad for not doing the proper checks into his background. Sure, you can blame Dorrell because it happened on his watch but in the end it is on the administration to know about these things before hand.

Scott has been put on leave by the school until this is resolved. That's the right move and if I recall correctly that is what exactly what coach Carroll did to Mark Sanchez after his arrest last year. All this crap I have read about how ucla at least responds quickly and correctly in these sorts of matters is sanctimonious at best. I don't seem to recall any of the SC coaching staff getting into this sort of trouble during coach Carroll's tenure. Scott is a school employee and should be held to a higher standard, players on the other hand while also in a high profile position should have their issues handled by the coaching staff, its called the chain of command.

Of course now that the attorneys are involved so the spin has begun.

Also from Dohn:

Statement from Eric Scott's lawyer, Milton Grimes: "From my preliminary investigation, it appears that a mistake was made by the Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies that should be cleared up within a few days. There is no evidence that any crime was committed by Eric Scott or anyone with him."

If Milton Grimes sounds familiar, it should. He was Justin Medlock's attorney.

Yeah, whatever, that is what I would expect an attorney to say. The irony is so thick here that you need a claymore mine to cut through it. Just a misunderstanding huh. Maybe, maybe not. I'll let the authorities work that out, regardless we have been down this road before and SC has been hammered for it. Even if this part of the story is true Scott still has those priors out there so I tend to believe that the moral high ground across town has been surrendered in regards to character and such. Simply graduating from school over another DOES NOT automatically make you a pillar of character. I think we would all agree that there is much more to it than that.

I still laugh at the notion that some continue to claim that SC is under a total lack of institutional control in regards to some of the issues that we had over the past few years. Based on what, our rivals say so? The fact is this, both schools have had their issues, so both have some black eyes to deal with. And while I think its cute to say that ucla has their issues but they are nothing when compared to USC etc etc. its all just whistling past the graveyard. The only thing separating the two programs now is what goes on between the lines and the bruin football program under Dorrell is light years behind where SC is so I can see how some may want to throw themselves off the roof with this double whammy.

I'm sure there will be more tomorrow so stay tuned.