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Miles Backtracks on ESPN

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We've talked about Les Miles' comments in regards to USC and the Pac 10 ad nausea. Today on ESPN's College Football Live Miles backed away from those comments. Click on the link that says College Football Live: Speed Drills to see the complete interview.

I have transcribed some quotes:

Rece Davis: Now you were quoted recently that you would Love to get a shot at USC for the national championship. You went on to say that "They're going to play real knockdown drag-outs with UCLA and Washington, Cal-Berkley, Stanford -- some real juggernauts. What led you to make those comments about USC's Schedule?

Les Miles: This...Hey, Hey this is a bad news time that's all there can be I can only tell you that we have great respect for the Pac 10 conference as a whole I can tell that USC has been a great team no matter what anybody says, for years.

Davis Laughing in the Background

and certainly We would love to be in the national championship game and we would play any comer and certainly if that happened to be USC that would be great with us. That's what I was in reference to...I can tell that it was more in the pride in the SEC and understanding the we play a pretty competitive schedule and we finish our season and our conference record with a championship game.

I think the championship game certainly throws another great opponent at a neutral site at the end of the season that maybe makes the hurdle of the SEC even a little higher and a little bit more difficult to finish a season undefeated or in a highly ranked position.

Rece Davis: Now I saw you laugh when I brought up your quotes. Now, obviously they were given at a very pro Tiger function. They gotten some play, a lot of national media you have just gotten some more here, have you talked to Pete Carroll about them?

Les Miles: I would only hope that Pete Carroll is not concerned with any of this conversation, its nothing but speculative so far away from a seasons end and so close to a beginning of a very important schedule for both he and I.

Sounds like ole Les is doing a bit of a back track to me. I still think his original comments were a way of covering his ass if LSU doesn't get to the title game.

God I hope we get to play them...BAD!