Urban's First Class

Here is an interesting tidbit on Urban Meyer's first (2005) recruiting class at Florida.

Urban Meyer's last two recruiting classes were among the best in the nation -- and two of the best in school history.

His first Florida recruiting class is another story. It's almost as if the 2005 class has fallen into a black hole.

That class of 18 players is now down to only eight -- and only two of those players figure to be starters this season -- running back Kestahn Moore and wide receiver Louis Murphy, the offensive star of the spring game.

The rest of the article details who's gone and who's not and what their impact is on the current roster. This is why I don't get excited until 1) a player signs and 2) they actually prove something at this level. I like what Pete Carroll has done over the years and his efforts have given us proven results but I simply refuse to ANY player on a pedestal until he gets it done o the field. Looks like Meyer has also had his share of players in trouble with the law but for some reason you hardly hear about that. We only hear about SC's off-the-field issues in the form of detailed lists that are sanctimonious in tone and hardly correct for some of the things that are listed.

I like what Meyer has brought to the game, and while I am not a fan of some of his recruiting tactics or his lobbying efforts, watching last year's Gators team perform on the field was something great to watch. But lets not anoint him just yet, the real test will be how he handles this season with all the talent he has to replace.

I think this is a great example of why ranking the recruiting classes is a bit much.

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