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Booty Tops the Heisman List

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This will be the first of many stories I'm sure we will see in the coming months on Booty's quest for the Heisman.

From today's LA Times

The campaigns will soon start in earnest, trying to promote the top candidates for the Heisman Trophy, to be presented in December.

The chances of some front-runners for the prestigious honor will crash and burn before September is over. The culprits could be a team defeat, an injury or poor individual performance.

A player who will receive a lot of attention is the quarterback of the team many perceive as the best in the country.

John David Booty, who is beginning his second full season as the starter at USC, has history on his side.

Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart, his two predecessors at the position, each won the award.

The website has Booty as one of two favorites to win the award.

I realize that Booty has history on his side but that could be a millstone around his neck as well. The voters could be fickle about awarding another Trojan the Award so Booty needs to blow this season out in order win the award convincingly. I mean, he needs to LEAVE NO DOUBT! and leave the competition, read Darren McFadden, in the dust.

I certainly not an expert on the award, but some now marginalize it especially after Vince Young's performance in the 2006 Rose Bowl so I will leave the details to that other site that covers the award.

I will care about the Heisman Award as long as any USC player is in the running for the award.