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What could go wrong?

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Dennis Dodd has all the usual.

From Dodd's column on SportsLine yesterday.

1. USC: Sort out the tailback situation. Develop a new set of receivers after the loss of Dewayne Jarrett and Steve Smith. Recipe for disaster: A Sept. 15 loss at Nebraska. John David Booty doesn't improve as a senior. Jim Harbaugh was right and Carroll bolts for the NFL.

You never know where Dodd is coming from and I could probably list 10 more possibilities that could go wrong.

I did get a kick out of his assessment of LSU though.

2. LSU: Buy, trade or steal for quarterback depth. If Matt Flynn goes down, the Tigers could be in big trouble. Recipe for disaster: Les Miles gets his "wish" and plays USC in the BCS title game. The Trojans wouldn't have any motivation at all.

God I hope so! That way we can finally put this crap to bed, once and for all. I think LS-who needs to worry about VA Tech first. They will be fired up for this game, as they have the souls of 31 people to honor and they won't take it lightly rest assured.