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The Eyes of Texas

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When I started Conquest Chronicles a year ago I really wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. When I start something I usually jump in with both feet but I was surprised at just how tough it could be to try and come up with original content that people would want to read.

It hasn't always been easy but with my loyal readers and my co-authors CC has grown into a decent sized community. We are certainly not on the level of my fellow SBN hosts Kyle at Dawg Sports and Peter at Burnt Orange Nation but CC has its following and those who have stuck with us have made this site great and it is my pleasure to continue to do it.

There are some great writers out there in the CFB blogosphere and they set the bar at a level that I continue to strive for each time I write a post. I bring this up because had it not been for Peter Bean's support and patience through the tough times, and there have been a few, I'm not sure how things would have turned out.

I bring this up because Peter has been working on a book, The Eyes of Texas, and it was recently published so it is my pleasure to recommend it to you. Peter has always been a great writer and while I haven't read this book yet I am sure that it will be a hit. Yes, it is about Texas Longhorns Football but to me that is immaterial. Great writing is great writing...period. And when a friend does it, it means all that much more to me.

I'm not one to toot my own horn. I do what I do on CC because I love it and I am gratified simply with a job well done. I let others worry about awards or recognition, so when the one-year anniversary of Conquest Chronicles passed last week I let it go as just another day. It may have been just another day but I have Peter to thank for this opportunity and for his friendship and support. I can think of no other way to say thank you than to endorse his fine work.

Congrats Peter...Hook `em!