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NCAA Still Investigating Recruiting Dinners at Papadakis

From Wolf's Blog while I was away.

Dept. Of Investigations

USC's compliance office is still conducting its investigation into recruiting dinners at Papadakis Taverna. This originally became an issue right before the USC-Texas game and players were interviewed last November during the week of the Cal game, much to the chagrin of the football program considering what was at stake that week.

Some believed the investigation was wrapped but we've confirmed that it is alive and well. It's important to point out that compliance offices work independently from the athletic dept. and work on their own time frame.

OK, if the NCAA wants to investigate an issue that has been dead for a while now that's fine with me. But it would seem that the Reggie Bush situation is little more important and seeing that the NCCA has only 3 investigators it would seem only logical to go after the bigger fish, though I can understand that the Bush investigation is at a bit of a standstill.

On a side note, I have heard that Petros has a lot of negativity towards Bush etc. over the whole mess but he might be better served making sure his yard is clean before worrying about someone else's yard. It is hard to say if there was any wrong doing at his dad's restaurant but it would be the smart move to keep one's mouth shut until daddy's tavern is cleared of any wrongdoing.

I'm just sayin'...