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Cowherd on UCLA

If you missed Cowherd's show today he had a nifty take on ucla.  If you have ESPN Insider you can listen to today's show. His rant is in his "Honestly Speaking" segment about half way through. I did find a transcript of it on

Here it is.

"Phil Steele's got UCLA third in the Pac-10...but they're a bunch of daisy picking soft baby blue weenies.  

You just know they'll somehow end up finishing about ninth.  It's too bad too because I like UCLA's coaches.  I like their school, campus, & SID.  But they are just the Virginia of the West.  

It is daiquiris, baby blue uniforms, and daisy pickers.  Lot 's of Anderson Cooper watchers.  Great campus though, unbelievable campus, great medical is just great.  

But you know they will lose to one of the worst teams on their schedule.  They are just Virginia of the West.  USC is more like Virginia Tech.  Just tougher.  They got tougher kids than UCLA.

UCLA gets the suburb kids.  A bunch of nice kids with nice parents.  They drove the kids to school in the minivan.  They just have a bunch of wussies.  I like USC...they got street cred to me.  The only street UCLA has cred on is the one with the Gap on it.  No I'm serious!  I'm not trying to be rude.  

This is the honesty segment.  Honestly UCLA and all those kids were dressed at the Gap.  That is an Abercrombie and Fitch campus.  You can't win a national championship in football when you have got more male cheerleaders than you should.  

It's just not big boy football.  There is just no street cred there...USC kids would beat them up."

Too Much!