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Coliseum Stand-Off

Looks like there won't be a resolution anytime soon on the future of the Coliseum. Sure the panel controlling the situation has options but no one is willing to budge. Frankly, I think they are nuts. USC isn't going to play anywhere else and they are willing to fund the upgrades needed so why not make it happen? You know a bird in the hand etc. etc.

"The NFL's had a free option on the Coliseum for at least the last 10 years," said David Israel, vice president of the commission. "All long-term decisions that have been made at the Coliseum have been made with an eye on an NFL team playing there.... We have to accept some realities."

That's not the way Los Angeles Councilman Bernard Parks sees it. He's the commission's president who regularly attends the annual NFL owners meetings to gather information after closed-door sessions.

While Parks agrees the Coliseum is in need of repairs and improvements, ones that USC could provide if it had a long-term deal, he's not in favor of closing NFL loopholes in an agreement.

"I do not believe it would be in the best interests of the residents I represent, nor the city, to foreclose on a potential multibillion-dollar corporation coming into the city of Los Angeles," Parks said.

Bill Chadwick, a state appointee to the commission, also says there is room to strike a deal with USC while leaving the door cracked for the NFL.

In regards to that last statement I would say EXACTLY. Get the one deal done now and put yourself in a position to get the other one done when the opportunity arises, without a supportive fan base it won't matter what deal you have in place and the NFL will look at that carefully. The fact is the NFL isn't coming without favorable deal and if USC is willing to make the upgrades, provided they have the right deal, then local tax base would win. The NFL has always had fair-weather fans in L.A. and unless there is a real commitment to put butts in the seats a signed deal won't matter.

SC is the sure bet and they are putting butts in the seats so why not work a deal with them to get the ball rolling and show the NFL that city is committed. Waiting for the NFL just because they may bring in more dollars while not taking care of what you already have is penny wise and pound-foolish.

This says it all:

This spring, for the first time in several years, the subject of the league returning to the Los Angeles area wasn't even broached by team owners at their annual March or May meetings.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has said repeatedly the league will not pursue a return to the Southland until it finds a favorable stadium deal -- and years of proposals have yet to produce one.

So if the NFL isn't even discussing coming back to L.A. why not get the deal done with SC? SC isn't going anywhere so make it work with them, I know they, SC, want exclusivity but the Coliseum needs upgrades and waffling on this situation will only make matters worse. If the NFL decides it wants to come to L.A. at a later time then that's fine, deals can be re-worked it happens all the time. Lets get it done and move forward.