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Mr. Manning comes a Callin'

So, Peyton Manning was in town to film a commercial at the Coliseum and when he was done he wanted to have a little practice time to stay sharp. So, what do you do when you're the Super Bowl MVP and you want get a "pickup practice" going? You call your longtime family friend Tim Floyd to round up a few players for some drills.

USC football players don't normally work out on Tuesdays but after learning Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning needed someone to practice with, a large group of Trojans eagerly showed up at Cromwell Field.

"You dream about stuff like this," said USC quarterback John David Booty, who threw with the Indianapolis Colts quarterback for about 90 minutes.

Manning filmed a TV commercial at the Coliseum and wanted to stay sharp afterward by working out. USC basketball coach Tim Floyd, who is a longtime friend of Manning's father, Archie, brought Peyton Manning over to campus and USC coach Pete Carroll arranged for a group of players showed up for the workout.

What a great experience for those guys to have had a few balls thrown to them or have a few pointers handed out by one of the true gents in the NFL. That doesn't happen very often so it is special when it happens to you.

Manning threw to USC wide receivers Patrick Turner, David Ausberry and Brandon Carswell along with tight ends Fred Davis and Anthony McCoy and tailback Joe McKnight.

"I didn't think I'd get to do that," McKnight said. "I found out about 30 minutes before."

Here is the video courtesy of TrojanWire

Kudos to Coach Floyd and Coach Carroll for making it happen. That was a great gesture on their part and generous on Manning's part for allowing the players to participate. Like I said a true gent.

Of course, some knucklehead will probably call the NCAA to complain about some phantom rule that may have been broken.