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The Nick Young Documentary

There have been a lot of articles on the Nick Young Documentary, Second Chance Season, in the local papers and while I have yet to see it, its not yet on the east coast, from what I hear it's a pretty good interpretation of life in the Young household.

From the DN

"For those who want a sports story, they'll get it," said Forer, an Encino resident who grew up in Van Nuys and attended Grant High. "But it's so much more than a sports story.

It's an incredible family drama about following your dreams and never giving up hope. That's what makes it unique.

"There are many terrific sports movies and documentaries out there. There is no story like this."

Before Nick Young became a star player for USC, he had many people at Cleveland High of Reseda scrambling to help him have a future. Young transferred to Cleveland after flunking out of Hamilton and Dorsey, where he stopped going to class because he couldn't stand being in the same room with members of the Blood gang that killed his brother.

Nick Young and his family will never be able to get past Charles Jr's tragic death but their perseverance at coping with it is an extraordinary accomplishment given the fact that Yung had to face his brothers killers day in and day out.

From the Press Enterprise

The movie, which started out as a three-minute cable TV spot when Young transferred to Cleveland High in Reseda, turned into a $500,000 project that encompassed, according to Forer, "hundreds and hundreds of hours" of footage.

Some of the footage showed how Young failed out of his first high school because he couldn't handle going to a school with members of the gang that killed his brother. It took an intervention by the superintendent to give Young an extra year to finish, with an hour-and-a-half bus ride each way from his Los Angeles home, to do it. And then it took a 200-point improvement on his third and final SAT try, with the results getting to him on graduation day, to allow him to attend USC.

That's finding a way through the pain in order to achieve.

For anyone who has seen it I would ask you to post your thoughts and comments on what you have seen this seems to be a real great story that needed to be told. Nick and his family found a way to continue on with their lives while never letting go of the past. It is an example that we all can learn from regardless of our background.

Many thanks to the Young family for opening up their hearts and their home to get this story out.