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Recruiting Update

Some quick recruiting news

SC picks up a 5-Star OL

Tyron Smith, 5-stars per Rivals ($), committed to USC this week.

From USC Sports Talk

We didn't see a better lineman on the NIKE Camp tour than Smith this year. In fact, he might have been the best lineman we saw two years ago when he was just a rising junior. Smith is far more than just a workout warrior however, he's equally as dominant on the field and when you combine his great frame, athleticism with how hard he works off the field and the mean streak he plays with, you can understand why he's so highly touted.

That will be a great offensive line next season!

Johnson at Rising Stars camp at USC

Top Rated CB Patrick Johnson who is already committed to play for the University of Miami was the standout player at USC's rising Stars Camp. John made the visit on his own dime at the insistence of his father who at least wanted him to take a look at USC. It looks like he really turned some heads and there is a good chance that he will make an official visit in the fall.


"Oh yeah!" Johnson said emphatically when asked whether the trip exceeded his own lofty expectations. "Oh my God yeah! This was better then anything I could've expected, it was through the roof."

Johnson, who left USC with a scholarship offer in hand Friday, admitted that the interest in USC has been there all along. Johnson's interest in the Trojans leading up to the camp may have been lukewarm, but following an impressive performance Friday, that has changed rapidly.

"I've always considered USC," Johnson said. "I love their style of football and how they get after the quarterback. They just make plays all over the field, and that is my style of football. This camp definitely put my interest up a lot."

[...] Johnson, who lacks nothing in the confidence department, shined during the one-on-one portion of the camp Friday, locking down any receiver who was blessed with the misfortune of running routes against him.

"I just went out there and did what I do best," said Johnson. "It doesn't matter who you are, I'm going to lock you down, that's just the type of player I am."

Getting Johnson back to Los Angeles for an official visit in the fall will be huge, and according to Patrick, there is no question that a return visit is in the works.

This would be an incredible Get if SC could pull it off. I'm confident that Coach Carroll can make it happen. SC continues to go after top talent from all over the country much to the chagrin of a lot fans from all over the country. It may appear to some that Pete Carroll starts off slow but he finishes strong. Compared to some the nuttiness going on across town with recruits committing then de-committing seemingly over night, or having a less than stellar turn out at there football camp. I am more that comfortable in our position in going after and landing top talent.

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