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Dennis Gets Another Year

Hershel Dennis received and additional year of eligibility, due to injuries, from the NCAA.

From WeAreSC

Dennis missed the past two seasons due to a pair of knee injuries but it was unclear if he would meet NCAA standards to receive a sixth year. After graduating from USC last month with a degree in sociology Dennis filled out his application for the additional year and the ruling came down today in his favor.

Hershel will join an already crowded Trojan backfield but he brings an experienced touch to the group. He wasn't able to take part in recent spring ball drills until the third week but he quickly showed everybody that he will be a force to reckon with in the fall, especially with a sharp performance in the Trojan Huddle scrimmage.

After missing most of spring practice Dennis got on the field in the last week and really turned some heads. And he dedicated himself to getting back on the field as is described here.

Anyone close to Dennis already knows the reason why he continues to do what he does, and knows that Dennis himself wouldn't need a reminder anyway. Still, etched onto Dennis' right forearm is that one-month old reminder, a rendition of his mother, Rose Teofilo, atop the inscription: "The Reason."

"The Reason... I do everything," explains "Patch," as he's long been known to family and friends. "The reason I am the person I am today." And much of the reason Dennis ended up in the Cardinal and Gold in the first place -- as opposed to Thunder Green and Lightning Yellow.

[...]Dennis continues to strive for those goals and doesn't harbor resentment about the roller coaster of events fate dealt him during his tenure at `SC: "I'm just fortunate to be on the team and part of this history we're making. I knew things would turn around at `SC when I came in."

Things seem to be turning around for Dennis, as well. "My knee is great. I just got it scoped. Everything is healthy. My body is in shape." Dennis says he's also faster and smarter about the game. "What mostly improved was my mental game. I think that will be a big part of my playing this season." Dennis is excited at the prospect of Steve Sarkisian taking over the reins of the offense full time. "The offense this year will be potent. I like Sarkisian a lot. We'll be well balanced."

This IS great news!

Welcome back Hershel!