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Monday Quick Hits

I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day and that all you dads out there got a chance to relax.

Just a couple of things to get today started. I know it's 1:30 here but you have to start somewhere.

  • Scott Wolf is reporting that incoming freshman Marcus Simmons gave a top recruit OJ Mayo a bit of a tough time defensively in a recent pick up game. I guess the off-season is real slow if Scottso is covering pick up games.
  • Rivals has their ranking of the Top 25 Schedules for 2007. They have USC at #8 which is odd as I think Phil Steel has SC at #2, I have yet to get my copy of his 2007 magazine, so I'm not sure what the right the answer is.
  • Athlon has their 2007 All- America team out, little early don't you think? SC is well represented but I would like to see some games played first.
  • Peter and Orson have proposed a blog manifesto of sorts for how they plan to cover the upcoming season. This will be fun to watch.
  • Jake over at fellow SBN blog Building the Dam will be blogging from the CWS in Omaha. Jake along with SBN Nebraska blog Corn Nation have done great job in covering the whole spectrum of NCCA Baseball this past season.
  • Finally, the off-season allows me to check ut site that I don't always get a chance to frequent much but I have a had an absolute blast reading Kissing Suzy Kulber. Talk about funny!
More later on today.