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Nick Young Invited to the NBA Draft

From Matthew Kredell at the DN.

Nick Young will get to shake NBA commissioner David Stern's hand, the way he always envisioned. Young was one of 15 players invited to New York to be present during the June 28th NBA draft and go on stage when selected.

"He's already been standing in the mirror and practicing," Mae Young, Nick's mother, said of his upcoming television moment. "I told him he can't turn that hat backward."

When Young decided to forego his senior year and enter the NBA draft, he was considered a mid-to-late first-round pick. Being invited to New York is the biggest sign that, because of his strong workouts, Young is now expected to go by the middle of the round.

"It's a great sign," said Aaron Mintz, Young's agent. "Usually, they poll all the decision-makers for various teams to find out who's the top group to get the invite."


That is a big deal as it shows that Nick is going to get picked in a decent part of the 1st round. Being from the NYC area hopefully he go to the Nets, the Knicks would waste his talent with that inept coach/GM over there, plus the Meadowlands is right down Route 3 so I would love to catch a game to see him play.

Way to go Nick!