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Morton Tests Positive for Steroids

Can you say Stooooopid?

No shocker here as his refusal to take a post fight drug test sent red flags up everywhere.


Has this guy been living under a rock? Did he not think he would be tested? You're on your own here Johnnie, I won't even attempt to justify your actions.

I'm not a fan of MMA to begin with so to me anyone who would get into a cage and take the chance of getting their brains beat in to me lacks some judgment.

From The LAT.

Former USC and NFL wide receiver Johnnie Morton tested positive for elevated levels of the steroid epitestosterone before suffering a June 2 knockout loss in his mixed martial arts fighting debut at the Coliseum, the California State Athletic Commission announced Wednesday.

Armando Garcia, executive director of the commission, said because Morton refused a post-fight drug test and has since failed to explain his actions, he is subject to a permanent revocation of his fighting license.

Morton has been suspended indefinitely and his $100,000 purse temporarily held.

Tests on a pre-fight urine sample collected June 1 showed Morton's epitestosterone level was "more than 10 times the normal level for an athlete," commission official William Douglas said.

I wouldn't worry about the 100k, he is going to have a hard time catching on in the NFL.

Just sad.