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Real Tough Guy Huh

I really didn't get around to reading the Maisel Column until this morning. Ho-hum, nothing new here.

But I found this interesting:

[...]What would I do to Bush? I suggest we put him alone in a room with Brian Urlacher for five minutes and lock the doors. But the NCAA tends to go about things in a more formal manner --

Why don't you do it tough guy?

I laugh at all the self-righteous indignation that these guys feign. All the press cares about is this the story. Guys like Gammons and Kurkjian are consistent in their reporting so to me they have credibility. Guys like Mandel may have an opinion but he brings nothing new to the table and what little he does bring is inflammatory at best. We all know the potential ramifications of the Bush issues and if the NCCA wants to do something about it then I'm sure they will. It's not my fault that they're "flailing" as Mandel states. They need to get it together so we can all move on, regardless of the punishment most SC fans will accept it and move on. Of course we will be pissed about it but there is nothing you can do except take your medicine and move on.

I did get a kick out of some the comments in the article though.

Like this:

Stewart, if the NCAA finds that Bush did illegally accept gifts/money from agents while he was playing for USC, what are the chances that his Heisman gets stripped, and more importantly, will Vince Young be awarded the Heisman as he should have been in the first place?

--Justin McKinnerney, Austin, Texas

Nice try huckleberry. Even if the Heisman Trust revoked Bush's trophy I have a hard time believing they would ever award it to VY. Not because he didn't deserve it but more likely that VY wouldn't accept it leaving the award tarnished for a second time.

Here's another.

Why does it appear that the NCAA is not doing anything about the Reggie Bush scandal at USC but is going after Oklahoma, which voluntarily came forward with its scandal and even ejected players off the team? Meanwhile, USC coaches have Reggie Bush on conference calls helping land recruits. When is USC going to get slapped with probation?

--Jason, Daphne, Ala.

Again for those in the cheap seats, the OU players in question still had eligibility remaining and if they wanted to keep said eligibility they had to cooperate. Bush had left SC for the NFL so he could no longer be forced to cooperate. As for the NFL getting involved, well I think DC Trojan said it best here on SMQ. As usual spot on.

As for bringing in the NFL: behavior prior to being an NFL player is surely outside the scope of their conduct clauses. I can't see where they would be able to actually claim that it was relevant to the player's NFL performance / status, and I'd bet that's another lawsuit waiting to happen, and justifiably so. To create a bad analogy, it would be like my current employer going after me for my abuse of internet access at my prior employer - they have no cause to care and no basis for sanction.

That should explain it simple enough for SI's Michael Silver after that screed he wrote last month.

Here is one that is a bit off topic but clearly a jab at SC:

How can you not include Hershel Dennis in your list of eighth-year seniors? He's a holdover from the Carson Palmer era.

--Jon Ozenne, Cerritos, Calif.

Mandel: Great call.

It's not like Dennis skirted the rules. He actually used them to his advantage so what's the problem here? Moronic.

Once again nothing new here just feigned outrage. Try to come to the rack with something a little stronger next time OK Stewie.