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USC and BC looking to Hook Up?

It's not official yet but USC is in negotiations with Boston College for a home & home starting in 2011. You've got to hand it to Mike Garrett and Pete Carroll for continuing to look outside the box for new competition, or as the saying goes... Anytime, Anyplace Anywhere - - The Rossington Collins Band.

From the Boston Globe:

According to sources at USC and BC, the Eagles are close to signing on for a two-year series with the Trojans beginning in 2011.

"Nothing is official yet," said a USC official yesterday, "but we're hopeful it can get done."

For BC, which resumes its series with Notre Dame this year (Oct. 13, at South Bend, Ind.), playing USC would represent another step by athletic director Gene DeFilippo in upgrading the Eagles' schedule and a chance to enhance their national reputation.

The Eagles play Notre Dame -- which they have beaten in the last four meetings -- each year through 2010. If the USC series is finalized, they will pick up with what has been an almost nonexistent rivalry. The schools have played only twice -- in 1987 and 1988 -- both USC victories.

I love that last line, I'm looking for a little payback.

HT: Tribute to Troy