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Ranking the Coaches

Tom Dienhart of the Sporting News has two articles rating the BCS coaches. The first are his rankings of the 66 BCS coaches.

From his April 26th Blog.

I just picked the top 25 as they are the most notable.

  1. Pete Carroll, Southern California
  2. Jim Tressel, Ohio State
  3. Rich Rodriguez, West Virginia
  4. Jim Grobe, Wake Forest
  5. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
  6. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech
  7. Nick Saban, Alabama
  8. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
  9. Dennis Erickson, Arizona State
  10. Mack Brown, Texas
  11. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
  12. Urban Meyer, Florida
  13. Tom O'Brien, N.C. State
  14. Bobby Bowden, Florida State
  15. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn
  16. Lloyd Carr, Michigan
  17. Mike Bellotti, Oregon
  18. Joe Paterno, Penn State
  19. Butch Davis, North Carolina
  20. Houston Nutt, Arkansas
  21. Bill Callahan, Nebraska
  22. Jeff Tedford, Cal
  23. Mark Richt, Georgia
  24. Jim Leavitt, South Florida
  25. Mike Riley, Oregon State

I'm not sure what his criteria are but a couple of things stand out here. How are Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier and Mack Brown or even Urban Meyer not ahead of Rich Rodriguez and Jim Grobe? At least they've won something.

From his May 2nd Blog.

I will obviously look at the ones where Pete Carroll is mentioned

Five best recruiting coaches

Bobby Bowden, Florida State
Mack Brown, Texas
Pete Carroll, USC
Jim Tressel, Ohio State
Ron Zook, Illinois

Five best fist-pumping enthusiastic coaches

Pete Carroll, USC
Tim Brewster, Minnesota
Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee
Terry Hoeppner, Indiana
Houston Nutt, Arkansas

I found this one interesting

Five most laid-back coaches

Rich Brooks, Kentucky
Sylvester Croom, Mississippi State
Karl Dorrell, UCLA
Guy Morriss, Baylor
Ty Willingham, Washington

I'll give Bowden his props for having a long track record so I'm fine having him at the top but with all due respect to Mack Brown there is no way that he is ahead of Pete Carroll when comes to recruiting. I know he has some southern charm and that he has had a few great recruiting classes but he's not at the level that Pete Carroll has been at for the lat couple of years. I know the Rose Bowl win did wonders for his stature at Texas but I'm just not seeing it that he's ahead of Pete Carroll in Recruiting.

As for KD, well I'm sure our friends from across town would love to call the morgue to have KD replaced ;-)