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Once Again Old News

Yes, it's the off-season and there isn't much going on and while those of us look for interesting things to write there are some who continue to spew out the same drivel in order to continue to be relevant.

Such is the case with Terry Bowden and his "Bowden Files" gig on Yahoo Sports.

From his April 16th entry.

I saw where Reggie Bush's family agreed to a settlement and gave between $200,000 and $300,000 to Michael Michaels for unpaid rent and for benefits they received while Reggie was playing and winning a national championship for USC. Of course the family, including Reggie, always has maintained that it never violated any NCAA rules or regulations.

The NCAA says it has made two requests to meet with Reggie Bush through his attorney and followed up with a written request, but didn't get a response. Bush contradicted this assertion while visiting a Southern California practice last week, saying that he had not been contacted and that if he had he would have hung up the phone.

If Reggie Bush and his family continue to stonewall the NCAA like this, the organization has no other recourse but to go after USC as severely as possible and punish the institution for the actions of one of its players. This would include forfeiting games that he played in, even the national championship. If the NCAA does not act decisively here, it might as well forget about ever enforcing its rule against extra benefits.

I pulled his whole quote on the Bush situation if for no other reason to point out that he obviously doesn't have much else new to say except that without Bush's cooperation it would force the NCAA to go after USC hard and punish them for Bush's actions. I would say knock yourself out if they were going to hammer SC I'm sure we would have heard it by now. I'm sure the NCC is still investigating but it's premature to say the NCAA would severly go after SC if has cooperated and shown that they didn't know about Bush's actions.

It's nice to see that Terry has become more of a Hollywood reporter than a college football analyst. Reading some of these entries make me wonder if my 1 year old could a better job.