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Maiava Allegations are FALSE

Yesterday we noted that an anonymous poster on had  made a number of allegations about linebacker Kaluka Maiava assaulting a teenage girl and attempted coverups.

No doubt this will come as a disappointment to the Trojans Haters Club, but surprise surprise it's not nearly as bad as made out. From the LA Daily News:

USC linebacker Kaluka Maiava was briefly hospitalized Tuesday after being struck while trying to pull his brother out of a large altercation in Hawaii, according his step-father.

Maiava suffered a swollen lip and cut eye during the altercation but was OK.

"It was 35 people against five and Kaluka was trying to pull his little brother out of there and somebody punched him in the side of the head," said Scott Mahoney, who is Maiava's step-father. "We had to take him to the hospital."

Mahoney dismissed speculation Maiava hit some high- school students.

"Kaluka wasn't even fighting," Mahoney said. "All of a sudden it's him beating up a girl. That's ridiculous."

No arrest warrants have been issued in Hawaii. Mahoney said Maiava spoke to USC coaches about the incident.

OMG OMG OMG he spoke the coaches! Coverup coverup coverup!

On Wolf's blog today, this additional detail:

Scott Mahoney, the step-father of USC linebacker Kaluka Maiava, called to say that a group of girls involved in the large altercation against Maiava's little brother apologized at school Wednesday for their actions.

Kaluka Maiava got hit from the side while removing his brother from the altercation, Scott Mahoney said.

Well, glad to see that the Athletic Department can rig apologies from teenage girls in Hawaii. </sarcasm>

Hopefully that's the end of it. This is why we didn't do anything more than acknowledge the allegations yesterday.