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Pinkard Arrested for DUI

Come on, you're kidding me right? It's too bad that the off-season could not stay uneventful. I'm sorry, but there is simply no excuse for this. I mean we have all been schooled and counseled not to drink and drive and yet it still happens.

From Gary Klein at the LAT:

Pinkard, a junior from Oxnard, was arrested May 18 at 3:44 a.m. after a California Highway Patrol officer noticed a car swerving as it traveled from the eastbound Pomona Freeway to the northbound Long Beach Freeway, CHP spokesman Bill Preciado said.

Pinkard, 21, gave a breath sample after he was stopped and another after he was taken to the CHP's East Los Angeles station, according to Preciado. The CHP report identified Pinkard as a USC student, though not a football player.

Pinkard could not be reached for comment. He was a starter last season and was injured in the opener against Arkansas and missed the rest of the season after reconstructive knee surgery.

I understand that Coach Carroll wants to handle it internally but if Pinkard is found guilty then he has to sit some games. If not then it sets a bad example, this is a big deal as some innocent bystander could have been injured or killed. And just because there wasn't anyone else involved doesn't make it any less of an issue.

We railed bruin kicker Justin Medlock over his DUI and walking away from the scene of an accident so we need to take the same stance. Though I remember a comment thread somewhere that attempted to marginalize Medlock's situation because instead of leaving the scene "he was actually going to get help" whatever.

This is one of those issues that has an actual cause and effect in our society so Coach Carroll needs to help set the example if Pinkard is found guilty. This isn't about hearsay or innuendo as the authorities obviously had all they needed to make an arrest so we shouldn't say lets wait and see. This is one of those times where the evidence is collected at the scene.

Agin, if Pinkard is guilty then he should sit out some games to send a message. Things have been relatively quiet and addressing it head on will put it to bed.

We'll see how it goes.