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Stanford Sweeps SC in Season Finale

There really isn't much to say but Chad Kreuter needs to get back out on the road and recruit some top talent.

Clearly this was a disappointing season for SC as they finish last in the Pac 10 with an 8-16 record and 27-29 overall. Of course, they again miss the College World Series in Omaha but with the record they compiled I can't say I'm surprised. The future certainly looks bright for SC with all the young talent they have on this team coupled with this being coach Kreuter's first season at the helm and having the toughest schedule in the season made for a frustrating season for the Trojans.

Representing the Pac 10 in the CWS will be:

Arizona State #1     Tempe
Arizona #2             Wichita
UCLA     #2             Long Beach
Oregon State #3     Charlottesville

I get a kick out of UCLA going to the CWS with coach Savage at the helm as I read somewhere that some had their doubts because he was a former SC coach. I wasn't the biggest fan of Mike Gillespie but at least he knows talent and Savage's time at SC I'm sure had a lot to do with where he is today.

So we go on from here and hope Coach Kreuter will get it together for next season.