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A Day of Reflection

Hallowed Ground
Memorial Day means different things to different people. Of course it is a day of reflection that honors those who gave their life in the service of this country.

But it isn't just about that.

The cultural landscape of today sees many of at odds in regards to our current overseas conflicts. Whether or not you agree with those conflicts our support for those who serve is paramount and their service is the backbone of what this country is today. So to me thinking of those who are still with us or who are still serving are just as important as remembering those who came and gave the ultimate sacrifice before them.

My dad's service in Viet Nam conflict during the Tet Offensive is very important to me. Throughout the late 70's and early 80's there was a pall over the concept of serving your country. It is easy to say that a person's time in the service shapes who they are once they leave the service. With my dad nothing could be further from the truth, who he was prior to being drafted shaped his time in the service and because of that he wasn't affected by all the anti-military rhetoric that was the call of the day.

Because of who he is it made my decision to serve an easy one. As I said in this post here, my dad has shaped my life in so many positive ways. A lot of what made his character so strong is present many of those who serve today. So to me today isn't just memorializing those who served and that have left us but also those who continue to serve and are ready at a moments notice to protect all that we have in this great country but reflecting on the one person who made the biggest difference in my life.

I will of course also reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and a part of me will be thinking about a sacred little place in Arlington, VA where those interred gave of themselves selflessly; where their memories are hallowed and treasured.

I have been blessed to have a number of family members serve this country before me. My grandfather served in the Navy in World War II. I also had an uncle hit the beaches of Normandy. While my naval service was unremarkable, it charted my path in life and it help shape who I am today. But it was because of my dad that I had the opportunity to make that choice and ultimately make the most of it and because of him I have all that I have today.

Thanks Dad!