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Hayes on Mustain

Matt Hayes of the SportingNews has some advice for Mitch Mustain's mom.

Your son was facing adversity at Arkansas. Many, many, many kids go through this in college football and in life. It breaks some; it makes others better players -- and more importantly -- better men. Those, that is, who stick it out.

So when your boopie can't win the starting job at USC in 2008, or can't beat out Aaron Corp -- yet another big-time recruit waiting to play at 'SC (and there will be others after this fall) -- for the backup spot, just remember you taught him the everlasting lesson of quitting.

Not sure I agree with Hayes on this one. I stand by my feeling that Mustain's big time game experience will go a long way in his competition with Mark Sanchez and Aaron Corp.

There's more.

Beck, you see, is the ultimate Little League mom -- a meddling misfit who couldn't understand why a coach told a player one thing and did another. Or why people were saying mean things to her son. Or why her son was benched.

I still don't understand why he was benched after going 7-0 as a starter but with the state of things within Arkansas football I doubt we will ever get the whole story. As for Hayes's statement about a coach telling a player one thing and then doing another; that is not Pete Carroll's way. His no BS approach is far and away different from that of Houston Nutt. PC has never been accused of flim-flamming a recruit. His whole approach is to tell a potential recruit that if he's good enough he will start, maybe that is what the Mustain family was looking for- honesty.

I give Mustain credit for coming to a program that will test him to earn the starting job. That alone should say a lot about this kid and I respect his drive to make it work and I hardly think that Mustain is a quitter as Hayes suggests either he is good enough to start or he isn't its up to him to make it work. I could care less about all the potential baggage that Mustain brings in regards to Mustain's mom. PC knows how to handle it and if an issue arises he will deal with it. I also think he did his due diligence on the whole Mustain situation so I'm sure he is confident that he can keep it under control.

The only thing I want is the best player starting at QB, I don't care who it is as long as they compete and give it their best, that is all I care about.