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This is not the path forward

It's safe to say that UCLA has a pep issue. Their cheerleaders are usually both attractive and skilled. (I don't know how recent these pictures are, but you get the idea.)

However, jugglers and under-appreciated alumni yell leaders have not proven to do the trick for motivating the crowd into a football frenzy... and plainly someone has been thinking about how to tackle that challenge.

Friends, this is not the answer:

Now the Bruins are motivated... to find whoever signed off on this...
HT: Wizard of Odds

An aggrieved Bruin posted a response on the Wizard of Odds site that Sanjaya was wearing a Chargers jersey. That seems like an overly hopeful interpretation of some wrinkles at the right shoulder; this picture sure makes it look like he's wearing a Bruins jersey...

"I'm totally rocking the 8 claps guys!"

You can decide for yourself; all in all I think I'd just as soon take my chances with Snoop "Duty Free Throwdown" Dogg as uni-wearing celebrity embarrassment, to be honest. If this is the reward for the Lexus Gauntlet, then they are more than welcome to it.