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Pruitt Foregoes Senior Season

Sorry for the light posting of late. Work has been pretty busy.

Gabe Pruitt has decided to skip his senior season and enter the NBA Draft. I can't say I'm surprised, I think his lack of interest in academics coupled with a very productive season that helped raise his draft stock was just too much of a temptation not to go.

Acknowledging his intention to capitalize on a relatively weak NBA draft for point guards, USC junior Gabe Pruitt said Thursday he was in the process of hiring an agent and would forgo his senior season of college eligibility.

Pruitt made the decision to turn professional more than three weeks before the June 18 deadline to withdraw his name from consideration for the June 28 draft. The 6-foot-4 point guard said he would sign with Los Angeles' Excel Sports Management.

"I just felt that it was in my best interest to move on with my basketball career and focus fully on basketball right now," said Pruitt, who announced late last month that he would gauge NBA teams' interest in him without hiring an agent to protect his final year of eligibility.

"I talked it over with my family and I made the final decision. I still love the Trojan family and I still will support them as if I was still there."

I would agree that if Pruitt had stayed the extra year the competition, in the NBA Draft,  at point guard would have been deeper than it is this year. I can't say I blame him but his loss will hurt SC more next year than the loss of Nick Young who also declared for the draft last month. Pruitt staying would have done a lot for transitioning SC into 2008 where we will have some work to do after O.J. Mayo's likely departure after the 2007 season. There will be a lot of questions coming into this season with Stewart, Young and Pruitt all departing. I have every confidence that time Floyd will keep thing moving forward. This past seasons success coupled with a strong season in 2007 can continue to do wonders for recruiting.

 I have said before that my biggest concern about Mayo would be team chemistry. I'm not so sure that will be as important as I once thought it would be with both Young and Pruitt gone. This team will have a different look and feel and I look to Taj Gibson to be the leader, as he will bridge the past with the future. He, Gibson, is seasoned in the way of USC and his experience will do a lot in bringing this team together.

So, we wish Gabe luck in the NBA and thank him for his strong play for USC.

Fight On Gabe!