2007 Trojan Huddle

The Trojan huddle had a good turnout, it was nice being able to get a fill of some football in the offseason. Class of 2007 caught me taking picture of the new song girls, and neither of us seemed to know what we should do about the request of Paragon to give a write up on the day but here's the best I've got going from memory.  Things didn't start out good for Booty with an interception in the first drive.  Sanchez came out with more intensity, and helped drive the 2nd team down to a touchdown which was run in by Hershel Dennis who had 2 rushing touchdowns on the day.  Dennis looks like he will be a threat against our opponents.  Garret Green and Michael McDonald were also taking snaps, although McDonald capitalized with a touchdown pass.  The long snapping will definitely need work with a couple low and high snaps creating opportunities for the receiving team to block and run back for a touchdown .  Travon Patterson was in my opinion the player of the game with 3 touchdowns with Patrick Turner coming up with some good catches as well.  David Ausberry, Fred Davis, Chauncey Washington, and Desmond Reed were a couple other key players.  Travon Patterson ran one of the better punts back for a touchdown right after Desmond Reed was able to capitalize on a poor punt due to a low snap.  The shotgun didn't seem to benefit anyone today, but it didn't hurt either.  Both teams were sacked a couple times, so the offensive line will definitely need some shaping to protect Booty.  All in all it was a good scrimmage with the chance to see some major players to keep an eye on this coming season.  Marc Tyler and Matt Kalil were in attendance, as well as many others I do not know.  And last but certainly not least were the 2007 World Famous Song Girls who gave an A+ performance.  Can't wait till September 1 when the Trojans take on the Vandals.  

Paragon, here's all the pics I posted to save you time on posting what you'd like.

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