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DeSean Jackson not popular at CC

It appears that of the small number of people who took the time to vote for their favorite YouTube clip of USC's 2006 football season, the majority really don't like DeSean Jackson.

Here's your winning clip from the 2006 season:

DeSean Jackson gets drilled

The Cal game brought a couple of questions for USC's rapidly improving defense: could they contain Marshawn Lynch, and could they stop Nate Longshore and DeSean Jackson from killing them on deep plays into the secondary? On Cal's first possession, they spent 4 minutes working their way from their own 20 to the USC 46, and faced 3rd and 6 there. On the third down play, the Trojans brought pressure, Longshore rolled (hurried?) left to get a pass off to Jackson, and Jackson got absolutely levelled. This, I think, was the first sign that this was going to be a hard-fought, low-scoring game, and that the defense for USC was really starting to grow into the job. Oh, and that Jackson was going to need some Advil later on.