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The Urbanator to take over Southern California?

Interesting post over on Wolf's Blog yesterday.

Florida coach Urban Meyer hired Taft High football coach Troy Starr as his director of football operations Monday. Starr coached at Taft for 14 seasons, producing USC players Gregg Guenther, Steve Smith and Jamere Holland.

Starr will oversee the "overall coordination of recruiting'' for the Gators according to a statement released by the university. Does this mean Florida intends to invade Southern California?

OK, I'll bite, I'm not sure this means anything. We all know that Meyer is great recruiter even though I don't agree with his negative recruiting style. A move like this doesn't really surprise me but in the end does it really matter? Starr may have some influence with some players but it's not like he is established outside of Taft High.

Being on the receiving end of a recruiting pitch is very different from giving the recruiting pitch, I am not sure of his track record in this area I mean he has been coaching for the past 14 years not recruiting. Meyer will get his players just we will get ours but the bigger worry to me is ucla not SC. I could see Meyer pulling some of their recruits but not many of ours.  SC will always get the majority of recruits from the Southern California schools and Pete Carroll will pull a few out of Florida so to me this is more psychological to than real.

Should be fun to watch!

HT: TrojanNYC