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It's Official - Nick Young is Going Pro

Matthew Kredell has the story in The DN:

Leading scorer Nick Young will forego his senior season at USC and declare for the NBA draft, according to sources.

Young, the small forward who played at Cleveland High of Reseda, plans to make his official announcement on campus early next week.

Young has yet to hire an agent but will do so soon, according to a source close to the player.

The junior's stock rose during the NCAA Tournament last month, when he led the team in scoring in victories over Arkansas and Texas before the surprising Trojans fell to top-seeded North Carolina in the Sweet 16.

In the weeks following the season, NBA personnel have indicated to Young that he would go between picks 10 and 25 in the first round depending on workouts, according to sources.

Young said earlier in the year that he would most likely leave for the NBA if told he would be a first-rounder.

No real surprise here, as that was the speculation going around after the season ended. This is the right move Nick for as he has proven all he really can. I'm not sure that another year would have done him any good.

If he is able to secure that 10-25 first round pick than to me its mission accomplished. I'm happy for Nick as he has been there from the beginning and traveled a tough road to get here and he along with the late Ryan Francis were the faces of this team and their dedication put us where we are to today. Ryan's death no doubt made Nick take stock in what he had in front of him and I'm pretty sure that is what made him really turn it on ti year.

When I watch Nick go across the stage to shake hands with David Stern it will be hard not see Ryan walking up there with him and ther is n doubt that he will be smiling with his approval.

Thanks for everything Nick, you gave us a great run and we wish you all the best.