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Pac 10 Tournament - USC 83 Stanford 79 in OT

Young Fired Up!
Photo: Lisa Blumenfeld - Getty Images
The Business at Hand

With SC's win over Stanford last night they move on to the semi's to face WSU. Didn't we just play them?? OK, I kid. Being down 11 points in the second half it was obvious that someone flipped a switch somewhere and things started to click.

Nick Young once again had some last second heroics as he drained a jumper to force overtime. Maybe it was desperation or maybe it was something else but what ever it was SC was all business in putting away Stanford. Tournament seeding has always been the question but it looked like the players wanted to make damn sure that were no questions that they were going to the tournament.

They put their 2 game losing streak behind them and now have a chance at getting to the Pac 10 Championship Game tomorrow night but first they have to get past WSU. Nick Young's game 26 points were capped by that jumper and that had to a great feeling but the work wasn't done as Taj Gibson went sky high to block a shot by Anthony Goods that forced a desperation shot by Lawrence Hill as they headed to OT.

Gabe Pruitt seemed all business as he pulled out all the stops to do his share. Heck, even Young hadn't seen the fire in Pruitt's eyes before like he did last night. Gibson was hit with his forth foul with 14:00 remaining but he kept up his intensity and he didn't foul out.

So now it's on to WSU. The Cougars have played them tough and SC has a chance to get one back after last weekends loss up in Pullman. WSU took care of business against the Huskies. No doubt that last weekends tempers may still be running high after the mid-court altercation between USC Head Coach Tim Floyd and WSU Heed Coach Tony Bennett. SC needs to keep that 2nd half intensity firing I order to dispatch the Cougars and get to the title game.

Defense and tempo is still the recipe for a win and they will need it tonight. This one could be a good old-fashioned donnybrook.

Should be fun to watch!