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Harbaugh sees the Future?

I know that this got some play earlier in the week on the message boards and it is obvious that it's a slow news week when it comes to SC so you know when the LAT picks it up the rumor mills and speculation have already started. Cardinal Coach Jim Harbaugh has already stoked flames with Pete Carroll, albeit inadvertently.

Earlier this week, Dennis Dodd of CBS quoted Harbaugh as saying Carroll would be gone after next season.

"Perhaps the reason it's been up and down here [at Stanford] is that no one has stayed here 20 years," Harbaugh told Dodd. "... Charlie Weis is going to do that at Notre Dame. [Jim] Tressel at Ohio State. Pete's doing it. He's only got one more year, though. He'll be there one more year. That's what I've heard. I heard it inside the staff."

I'm sure it was inadvertent, if you believe that then you'll believe that I'm the new host at BN...Right!

I guess he took to many shots to the head while he was a player because even if this is true the last thing he should do is make himself a part of the news. But it is not hard to understand why he has done it, Stanford is such a pathetic football team right now I guess ANY press is better than no press.

Who knows when Pete Carroll will leave SC, it doesn't matter until it actually happens and when it does we will deal with it then.

What a moron!

I give him credit for trying though.