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Mayo's Less than Stellar Evening

Hey, it happens and this game meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. I would have liked Mayo to have a better game but I would also like to have the winning lotto numbers and that didn't happen either.

So much is made out of this game but I'm indifferent. Kevin Love looked great but lets see how he does when he plays a little tougher talent. You never know how it will go. These games are all about hype and showcasing ones skills but with the advent of the recruiting videos and YouTube most of us has already seen all we need to see. I do think that Mayo and Love will be a great rivalry and that is always great for the fans.

It's funny though, with all the bad things said about Mayo no one ever stops to look at the little things like this.

Mayo's most impressive moment came well after the game. Cole Gossett, a pre-teen boy from Bloomfield, Ky., was injured after a mad scramble for a pair of shoes that a player had tossed from a team bus.

After hearing about it, Mayo found Gossett crying in a trainer's room. Mayo signed his shirt and gave him the shoes he had worn in the game, autographing them as well.

That's a pretty good gesture for a supposed "thug".