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Spring Practice starts!

On to a more positive note: in amongst all this basketball business, have we missed something? Only the start of spring practice for the football team.

Yes indeed, the football team is getting back onto the field to start some early prep for next year. Gary Klein of the LA Times set out an initial list of questions that the team might be trying answer.

  • Not surprisingly, near the top of the list is getting ready to replace Jarrett and Smith. Patrick Turner steps up as the heir apparent, with Vidal Hazleton, Travon Patterson, David Ausberry, and Damian Williams looking to get a starting spot also.
  • Stanley Havili is back at fullback, and may be joined by Michael Coleman if he gets a clear bill of health. Nice to have a couple of fullbacks back in the mix.
  • O-line Coach Pat Ruel is trying out folks in some different positions.
  • JD Booty seems to be healthy, and this year it's Sanchez who is addressing questions about the condition of his back. (Incidentally, he says that there's no problem to speak of, so long as he stretches.)
  • There's talk of going back to the 4 - 3 formation after last year's experiment of a 3 - 4 formation, which hopefully ought to keep things tight against the run.
  • Chauncey Washington apparently has got himself in another academic pickle, which isn't the best policy on a team that's going to have something like 24 running backs in August. Coach Carroll was uncharacteristically unamused, perhaps because Washington admitted he hadn't quite nailed the "going to class" part of going to class.
  • Finally, sophomore cornerbacks Vincent Joseph and Shareece Wright are to get plenty of practice time as Kevin Ellison and Josh Pinkard recover from knee injuries. This injury time has allowed Pinkard to work on hair so splendid that he was featured today on Every Day Should be Saturday.
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