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Bracketology Update

Yes, this is early and things will certainly change but this is how ESPN has USC ranked in its latest bracketology rankings. I am always confused about how these things are set up so I'm sure I will make a number of mistakes in how it all lays out.

They, ESPN, do this everyday, so like I said its fluid. Right now they have SC at #7 in the East Regional/ New Orleans section. That really doesn't make sense to me as this site has the New Orleans section in the South Region. Like I said its a little confusing so if someone can please explain it to me I would appreciate it.

Anyway, that would put us up against Florida in the 2nd game if things were to stay the way things are today. That's tough for us, as we also would have we would also have to play a tough Michigan St. team in order to get to Florida. All that matters at this point is that SC finishes strong in the Pac 10 tournament and let the rest take care of itself. Of course we need to beat WSU on Sunday so that we can get 2nd place in the Pac 10 so that we can have the #2 seed in the Pac 10 Tourney.

There are a couple of interesting match-ups in this regional as things stand today. First, Wisconsin is the #1 seed in this region. Texas would have to face WVU in their first game and that would line them up for a very tough game against Maryland, which has the hot hand right now. That would be a great game to see as i am a big fan of Gary Williams and I always like to see Maryland do well. Oregon would face off against Kentucky, which will be a great match-up. The winner of that game would face off against Wisconsin and thats a buzzsaw waiting to happen. And providing Duke gets past Missouri St. they would face off against Pittsburgh.

It will be interesting to see how things shape up in the coming days. Like I said, this will change daily and unless SC rolls through the rest of its games like Grant through Richmond SC will have some tough games to open the Tournanment. Thats is why it is imperative that SC stays focused and give it their best to beat the teams that need to be beaten. They have shown us flashes of brilliance in the past not it's time to be consistent.

I think it is looking pretty clear that UCLA will be the overall #1 seed and thats fine they have earned it but there is still a lot of basketball to play between now and April 2nd.