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GameDay Open Thread: #12 Arkansas vs. #5 USC

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#12 Arkansas


#12 Arkansas vs. #5 USC

Friday March 16, 2007 9:45 PM ET
Spokane Arena - Spokane, WA


#5 USC


The NCAA Tournament Round 1

So here we go, it's not for all the marbles but a win tonight against Arkansas would be a big boost to this teams confidence.

Here is the SportsLine Preview.

Keys to the game:

  • Hit the 3-point Shot- I wouldn't necessarily live by it but it could be the difference maker in this game. SC needs to push Arkansas out when they play defense to get those open looks, especially against C Steven Hill.
  • Crash the Boards- In getting the ball back will do a couple of things. On defense it will reduce their ability to score on the inside and help set up the transition to run it down the floor. On offense it will force the hogs to collapse on the ball allowing SC to get it outside to hit those deadly 3-pointers. It will also keep the Hogs from playing their Dirk by Committee scheme.
  • Aggressive Defense- I would almost use the word stifling, it will make it more difficult on the Hogs frontcourt to score if SC plays them tight and if they can get it together on in transition it will make it more difficult for Arkansas to score at will.
So here we go, it's our first trip back into the tourney I five years so lets make it count!

The game is not on here in NYC and with the crappy weather out there I don't want to venture out with all the nuts on the road. I will be on line with the SBN Tourney Hub hosted by fellow SBN Oregon Blog Addicted to Quack for the evening session. Check out the details below.