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Bracketology -The Bracket is Set

OK, so SC draws the East Region and open up playing out west in Spokane against Arkansas. The Hogs had the hot hand in the SEC Tournament until the got clipped by Florida in the title game. Not sure why they got in and not Drexel but that doesn't matter now.

If SC gets past Arkansas and I think they will, they will probably face Texas in the 2nd round and that will be a tough game. With Texas coming off an overtime loss to Kansas in the Big 12 Title game so they will be looking to take their frustrations out on someone.

After that it looks very tough going through that bracket. Hopefully SC can get a hot streak going so I can see them in East Rutherford, it's 5 minutes away from me, in the regional final, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I was a little shocked that SC got a #5 seed as I thought they would be a #6 or #7 seed in the South or Mid-West region. But it doesn't matter now. The East Bracket looks very tough.

We'll have more as the week progresses.