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So what happened with McKnight?

Welcome to the show!
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I got a kick out of a comment on Wolf's Blog earlier this evening: "As the Coliseum Turns". It is beginning to feel like a soap opera.

Pete Carroll is denying any wrong-doing and until someone shows me any wrongdoing his word is good enough for me. I'm not going to continually walk around being scared of my shadow every time some potential discrepancy comes up on the radar. After a while you get the feeling a lot of this attention is just because of how successful we have been. It happens every where so why should this be different.

That's about how it feels. Who knows what the story is here, but I do know I won't be commenting on it in either direction until I know what the full story is. Based on PC's Cowherd interview and comments in the local media it does appear that there are two different stories, who knows? The way things play out these days I wouldn't be surprised if LSU AND ND were behind all this. Recruiting is a dirty business.

I have seen all sorts of stories about what this coach did or what that coach did and after a while you just sit back and laugh. College football is at an all time high in terms of popularity and we have some great games that have launch the interest in this sport to new levels. With that increased interest come the focus on all of the other aspects of the sport. An the one that feed the machine so-to-speak is recruiting, so much that all of the major site are even tracking juniors in high school and there is a Story on BON about offering scholarships to Sophomores. Now that’s just unreal.

We end up selling our souls for these kids when they aren’t equipped enough to make normal teenager decisions and put them into situations that spin out of control. Of course it is compounded when the fan base calls a kid stupid when he doesn’t make a decision that is their favor and questions his or his parents intelligence when the decision is made. I especially loved the remark that I saw elsewhere that questioned McKnight’s smarts about picking USC because of the Annenberg School. The kid knows that this is THE best school of its kind and just because it’s at SC he is considered stupid for picking a school that would further his education which is what a lot of the complaints about SC are about, We're not smart enough, Blah, Blah, Blah. You can’t have it both ways. Freaking hypocritical and Moronic!

I do know that it could have well been confusion on McKnight as the heat of the moment was pretty wild at the time of his announcement, I mean come on, he's is the top rated player in the country, of course it will be a circus. So as I head out this week on business I will watch from the cheap seats to see how it all plays out.

Regardless of how it all turns out you can already hear the screaming about SC being a bunch of cheaters and the like, oh well it wouldn't be a normal day if SC weren't called out on something. Life's a bitch when not on top, or put another way unless you're the lead dog the view is petty much the same.

Should be fun to watch!