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Recruiting Wrap Up

What, Me Worry...Nah!
So we put the UCLA game behind us and do a little celebratin' as once again Pete Carroll pulls down another top recruiting class. All the letters-of-intent are in and the Boards have spoken.

With SC grabbing the three top prospects, depending on whom you ask, in the country they clearly have one of the best recruiting classes this year and probably the best in Pete Carroll's tenure by shear numbers alone. Some have been wondering why we went after all the top running backs out there? Well, that answer is simple, SC goes after top athletes and plugs them into places where they are needed. That has been his trick to success. Pete Carroll also may add Arkansas QB Mitch Mustain which would be the icing on the cake. You can never have enough talented QB's. I know about all the issues with his parents but that's the price you pay for top fight talent sometimes and there isn't a better person to handle that situation than Pete Carroll.

Recruiting is tough business as we all know and there have already been stories out there about the negative recruiting tactics that ALL the coaches use; ok, maybe not the guy from across town, I'm just kidding ;-). Its part of the game like it or not, there is a certain amount of gamesmanship that goes on and either you have the stomach for it or you don't. These kids know how to work the system too, with over-zealous parents or hangers on so they can dish it out as good as they get. There are always some hurt feelings as teams try to get the best players they can and when they lose they move on. But if something better catches their eye then their out to hunt.

In the end no one really knows how any one class will do over all but success at the D-1 level has been shown to be directly tied to recruiting. If it wasn't important there wouldn't be all this hoopla over it.

Here are the Rankings #3 #2 #1

Here are the numbers:

Five Star Recruits: 6

Four Star Recruits: 10

Three Star Recruits: 2

Here is the list: