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Kiffin's replacement, more or less

Pete Carroll has announced a replacement for Lane Kiffin. John Morton comes to USC after a year with the New Orleans Saints as an offensive assistant / passing game coordinator, and 7 years prior to that with the Raiders. Morton, who knows Sarkisian from Sark's time with the Raiders, will be the wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator for USC in the 2007 season.

This seems like a fairly positive development -- partly because it's someone with a little time under his belt period, never mind in the NFL. Also, the extent that Sean Payton and his staff were able to adapt their offense to take advantage of McAllister and Bush, as well as bring along Marques Colston in a season where Joe Horn was often out with injury, was impressive, and if Morton was part of that then hopefully he's got plenty to offer USC. This is especially important given the need to get Turner and the other young WRs up to speed, following the departure of both Jarrett and Smith.

Also, Yogi Roth has decided not to follow Kiffin to the Raiders, which if nothing else helps with having some colorful names about the place.