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USC over #9 Oregon 71-68



#9 Oregon at USC




Well, that was interesting...Again!

Taj Gibson led all scorers with 18 points going 7-for-9 and he hit a clutch free throw late to get SC up by 3. Aaron Brooks led the Ducks with 16 points and almost hit a 3-pointer to tie the game at the buzzer. Like I had hoped SC came out firing as they went up 10 point with about 11:00 to go in the 1st half. Things stayed pretty static as SC went into the break up 11 and it looked like everything was hitting on all cylinders. But USC let Oregon Score 7 straight points to open up the second half, eventually going a 28-15 run and taking the lead 54-56 before SC came back and won by 3 points 71-68.

Update [2007-2-7 10:34:57 by Paragon SC]: While in the process of editing this post a couple of days ago I accidentally deleted much of what I wrote and the Techies at SBN were unable to retrieve it. Note to self NEVER edit a post using a mobile device...ARGHHH!