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Nick Young's Future

Jonathan Moore - Daily Trojan
If Nick Young gets a high enough draft analysis he is off to the NBA. No surprise here as he has stated this in the past. He hasn't been coy about it he has been up front with us that those are his intentions. He has been the go to guy all season and he stepped up as the leader of this team after the tragic passing of Ryan Francis. Losing him will be tough shoes to fill, especially with the recent resurgence of USC Basketball. I has been a while since we have had this sort of success, though not with out some struggles and having a veteran like Nick Young goes a long way to working with the younger players on the team.

It's hard to say which way it will go but I would be lying if I said I didn't want him to stay at SC for one more year. There are a couple of reasons, 1, it would be great to him play with O.J. Mayo and 2, with every one returning across town to me it's all hands on deck as we need to start making the most of what we have in order to beat the Bruins. To me that is all that matters; I want to beat the Bruins in the worst way but it will be tough to do with a lot of young players on the team and a freshman phenom that will probably stay for only one season.

I have faith in Tim Floyd's ability to some great things with team though some would argue that Floyd gets worse as time goes on not better. I've seen the numbers but as I said before past performance is not indicative of future results. Having both Young and Mayo, if only for a season, would do wonders in the years to come in the areas of recruiting and we all know that is how seasons are won. I think the road only gets harder not easier as the expectations are higher than they have ever been in regards to USC Basketball. It would great to have all of our underclassmen return in order to see this through.

From Kredell's article in the Daily News:

Nick Young watched Saturday's pregame ceremony honoring USC's seniors with envy, knowing he may never get the same treatment. The junior has said he will explore his NBA options after the season, and will turn pro if he get feedback that he will be a first-round pick.

"That was very emotional coming out there because it could be my last game at Galen," Young said. "I try not to think about it, but it kind of got to me because I want my jersey hung up like that too."

Hard to argue for him to stay if he is a first round pick. But I think it is also apparent that he sees that he is a part of something special and that coming back would sit well with him should the NBA not project him in the first round.

Also, Gabe Pruitt will ask for an NBA evaluation as well.

Going pro? Gabe Pruitt, who said Friday that he planned to return for his senior season, said after the game that he still may attend the NBA pre-draft camp June 4-8 in Orlando, Fla., to see where he stands.

I'm not sure that this is the best move for Pruitt but I think the reasons are obvious so I will just leave it there.