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GameDay Open Thread: Cal vs. USC



Cal at USC

Saturday February 24, 2007 5:00pm PT
The Galen Center – Los Angeles, CA

TV: FSN Prime Ticket RADIO 710 ESPN



So now we turn our attention to Cal. A month or so ago SC was up 17 points in the 2nd half only to have Cal almost pull it off. I would not say that these teams are going in opposite directions but it is hard to say that they are on the same plane. SC has shown that they can play their own version of "showtime" by laying an up-tempo game as they did against Stanford. But this Cal team can score some points so they should not be taken for granted.

I was not pleased that Taj Gibson went public with his "breaking down" story in the press. No need to give the other team a little extra motivation, that being said he really had an adequate game against Stanford so maybe he is playing through it, but he is still not where he needs to be with his production as he was in the 1st half of the season.

I'm a little worried about this game as I don't want SC to look past Cal now that they have hit the magic #20 win as there is still some work to be done. SC needs to shut down Ayden Ubaka as he can get things going on the Cal offense. Look for Ryan Anderson to have a better game than he did against UCLA. He allowed UCLA to dominate him on the inside and had a poor defensive game, I don't expect him to let that happen two games in a row.

SC needs to do what they do best; play an aggressive defense. They need to force turnovers like they did against Stanford and play that up-tempo game that has been good to them throughout the season. Lod Stewart needs to continue to be the dominant player that we have seen throughout the season and Nick Young needs to put points on the board in order for SC to notch this win. Bench play will also be key so SC needs positive production from everyone. In short it's all hands on deck. This is not the time to mail it in as tournament seeding is still at stake.

FYI, Tightwad Hill has a great game preview.

Leave your comments questions and general rants here. I'll have a game summary up later this evening or tomorrow.