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You're Kidding Me...Right?

In general I am a tolerant person. I tend to have the attitude of live and let live but even I have standards when it comes to personal behavior and decency. I am not some goody-two-shoes, I have been know to throw a few F-bombs and tell a good dirty joke on occasion but this just leaves me scratching my head.

As has been posted at Displaced Trojan and elsewhere, it seems that one of SC's Hockey players decided to Moon the crowd at a game in Utah the other night. What was this knucklehead thinking? There are just some things that should NEVER take place and this obviously one of them. There is no good place for this type of behavior but Utah is the worst.

As a parent I have had a hard enough time explaining the bad acts of other athletes and public figures in general but this incident leaves me speechless. That is where this disturbs me the most, kids in general are bombarded with all types of lewd and suggestive behavior on TV in print and on the internet. When parents take their kids to any kind of sporting event it is used as an example of teamwork and working with others but when this happens on the field there just isn't any clear way to explain it.

Of course when the coaches and radio announcers laugh out loud at it  instead of ignoring it, it makes it all the worst.

The incident occured during a timeout, after USC had five players sent to the penalty box.

"My gosh, what a circus this is turning into," USC broadcaster Andrew Samel said moments before Meyer's stunt on an Internet radio broadcast.

That circus got a whole lot wilder a few moments later.

"Mickey Meyer has just mooned the crowd, ladies and gentlemen," Samel said, laughing. "He pulled his hockey pants down and mooned the crowd. The Oregon players (in the stands) are loving it. They're going nuts. That was absolutely hilarious.

"(USC volunteer coach) Mark Wilbur is laughing on the bench. ... Oh, and now Mickey Meyer is getting kicked out of the game. He's getting a huge ovation from the crowd as he's coming off the ice."

What an embarrassment.

At least some at USC are not pleased:

"I'm very upset to hear that a student member of our hockey team participating in a national tournament in North Logan, Utah, behaved in such a reprehensible manner," said Michael L. Jackson, USC's vice president of student affairs. "We are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action against those involed. On behalf of the university, I apologize to the hockey fans attending the game ... and to Brigham Young University."

Well, we'll see what comes of it. Regardless, I find it disgusting.